Thursday, 17 October 2013

Time to create a new D&D campaign

I have the Forgotten Realms box set...

...and I have the 13th Age RPG...

... and it's time for me to create a new D&D campaign.

I think the Realms will be a good fit for 13th Age. I've already decided to set it pre-spell plague, or whatever the hell that was, so I've bought it back a hundred years to play it as I remember it when I was reading the Icewind Dale and Dark Elf books. I'm determined not to have anyone play introspective Underdark dwellers with scimitars. Not a freaking chance.

I'll be designing it the way I used to - that means listening to Beethoven and Wagner as I write, I do it all longhand without computers and I used hex and square pads to design maps, locations and dungeons. I've not done it that way for twenty years so it should be interesting.

I might drop the Icon part of the 13th Age for now and just run with background skills and the One Unique Thing. The group didn't really want to do anything as detailed as Pathfinder or as simple as Basic D&D, so I reckon this will be perfect.

We'll see.

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