Thursday, 9 January 2020

Don't bin your old work!

Typewriter &, keys - Clip Art LibrarySometimes you might be writing something and you think 'you know what, this really isn't working for me' and you might be tempted to shelve it or bin it.


I've dug out an old piece from several years ago and it never worked as a scifi RPG adventure for me, but it's working great guns for me as a screenplay.

Even though they never come to anything, writing screenplays really helps me with visual cues, dialogue and narrative. Explaining a story, describing a setup or location and portraying how a character acts/feels/thinks are all staples of a decent gaming session, and the best way to get that feeling across, I've found, is to script it out. Writing adventures is open to a lot of interpretation by individual GMs and their groups, but the basics are rooted in storytelling tools, and scripts are part of that.

And, I just really enjoy writing scripts. I'm a great lover of the moving picture and my inspirations are varied, and it helps the creative juices when they get mixed up every now and then.

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