Friday, 3 January 2020

Playing Mini Six Cyberpunk with my 12-year old son


After arriving in the London Coastal Projects after working as a mercenary protecting dying wasteland settlements north of the Birmingham Zone, Pin decided to travel to the coast - near the Great Channel Bridge - to find work.

After brazenly declaring her need for work at the bar 'The Connection' near the White Cliff Suburbs, the man 'in the know' - Mr Charles - offered her a 2,000 Eur job if she headed to the First Strut Business District under the Great Channel Bridge, break into a warehouse and steal a computer hard drive. She accepts.

After hiring an AirCab(TM) to get her there, Pin snuck into the warehouse and past the Autoguards and drones to get into the offices where she found a single server on a table. Suspicious, she still removed the hard drive which set off a recording; Mr Charles tells her that this is a setup, a test for new potential hires, and she'd passed the breaking in part. Now the drones and Autoguards were alerted to her location, and now it was time to see how she handled herself in a fight. If she got out and made it back to The Connection in 60 minutes, she'd get an extra 1,000 Eur.

Pin successfully fights her way out but has trouble getting an AirCab(TM) to fly her back to the White Cliff Suburbs. She gets to The Connection 30 seconds late and misses out on her bonus.

However, Mr Charles is more than happy with her performance and takes her personal number to contact her for future jobs, more dangerous and better paid.


Bruce loved it, he played Pin really well; she took no crap but she wasn't stupid and she played to her strengths of sneaking about and shooting. He now sees the importance of computer skills so he's investing points and money in upgrades. He already has a Snikblade for a left arm so he now wants to see what he can do to improve his computer skills.

The Mini Six system handled the game really, really well. There are only a few adjustments I'll have to make to make it work as a cyberpunk rules system, and I'm going to create cybernetics and hacking rules as I go to see what works best.

I'm looking forward to further adventures, and hopefully I'll have enough material for a campaign supplement!

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