Monday, 22 June 2009

I miss...

Do you know what I miss? I miss the days when the general population thought that all roleplayers were psycho devil worshippers. It kind of made me feel extra special, you know?
I’m talking early- to mid-eighties, here. Dungeons and Dragons had really kicked off big time and all the cool kids were talking about it. Then some stories started to circulate from America about suicides, steam tunnels and Black Leaf (‘Not Black Leaf! No! No! I’m going to die!’ No, really, Google it, it’s priceless). So all of a sudden this game was a way to practice black magic and get suicidal kids into cults that worshipped horned frogs in party hats. Or something.
I miss those days. These days you just get the odd nerd comment or a roll of the eyes. Nobody gets their knickers in a twist anymore and rants and raves at you, telling you that you’re mentally deranged and/or going to Hell. There’s no parent or teacher pressure groups trying to get the roleplaying games banned, or any religious people organising a mass core rulebook burning. When you were beaten up by a smart arse self-righteous wacko with a bible then you knew you were into something dangerous and rolling polyhedral dice made you a Goddamn REBEL!
But now nobody cares. It’s just another hobby.
I might start up a new roleplaying club and call it ‘Baby-Eating Children of Satan Gamers Club – Families welcome!’

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