Monday, 29 June 2009

Magazine format RPG?

I've been looking into publishing my own RPG for some time and I want to make it simple and easy. Costs have always put me off as spending that amount of money on a game that might not (and probably will not) sell dissuades me from the whole self-publishing idea.

I was looking over a game system design I'd made for a fantasy RPG I never finished after I'd read a copy of Flagship magazine and I got to thinking - is it possible to print a simple A4 magazine format 50 page (including covers) RPG with rules and an introductory adventure and sell it as a complete game. When I say 'magazine format' I'm just thinking of the size and not an actual regular issue by issue magazine. The same format could then be used for supplements and campaigns. The fact that it's a simple magazine, with full colour cover and black-and-white interior, will make it cheap to produce. The booklet will be easy to post (just a couple of quid to most places in the world) and it could be sold through Ebay, making purchasing easy and safe. It'd be easy to use and transport, being small and simple, and it would be possible to sell it for around 5 British pounds. A complete 50 page RPG for a fiver plus postage. Now, that's not a bad idea.

But then the primary problem is - what kind of game? Fantasy, sci-fi, horror? After all, the market is swamped with highly proffesional books covering just about every genre for every age.

Would there be any point in creating another one?

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