Monday, 22 June 2009

Warcraft - it does good!

Here's something World of Warcraft is good for:
My wife Lisa and my son Bruce have gone to stay with her mother in London for the week. Now, the usual arrangement for any couple who are apart for any length of time is to phone each other periodically. But now, with Warcraft, we can chat to each other over the game.

My wife's level 69 Night Elf Priest on the left, and my new level 15 Night Elf Hunter on the right.

World of Warcraft. I'm declaring my love, keeping in touch and kicking the shit out of the Horde, all at the same time. What's your game?

1 comment:

  1. it is good for that late night catch up of lovey dovey ness over the long dead smite killed bear hunting! who else can say they take their wife to a nice little place in Loch Modan? well the beers good and the sausage and mash is cheap...romance!