Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Well, last night I completed Killzone 2, the rather excellent first person shooter from the guys at Guerilla. And when I say excellent, what I actually mean is fricking incredible.

I like my FPS and I always thought that the original Killzone was under appreciated. This game takes all the fast action and movie-like story of the original and ups the ante. It's great to look at, plays wonderfully and certainly gets your heart pumping.

If you haven't go this then get it. If you haven't got a PS3... well, buy one.

Another game I love and really regret trading in is Fallout 3, the post apocalyptic game from Bethesda Game Studios. Now that I've finished Killzone 2 I think I'll trade that in for it. I know there's lots of amazing multiplayer action on Killzone 2 but I'm not a big multiplayer shooting fan (except for GTA IV, because there's the free roam option which is always fun when you team up with other players) and now that I've finished the main single player game there's no more surprises for me. I never truly completed all the missions in Fallout 3 and would really love to revisit it, and now that the Game Of The Year Edition has been released I can enjoy all the extra content, too.


  1. I think both Killzone games got overlooked because of the absurd hype surrounding Halo. I don't know, I thought the original Doom was a better game than that series, but it was as if everyone was drinking the Kool-Aid.

  2. I'm of the same view regarding HALO - it was fun to play but I never understood the hype for it, as if it was the second coming of FPS - to be truthful, I thought the second one was bland and the third more of the same but with better graphics. I found Killzone much more absorbing but the inevitable comparisons to HALO made it a target for HALO fans and it got stamped on.