Tuesday, 15 December 2009

What the...?

I'm being made redundant next March. Suddenly, the hobby gaming shop idea is looking pretty damn good.


  1. Sorry to hear that, sir. Uncertainty is a bummer. I was made redundant a couple of months ago. I know the feeling.

    As much as I love the idea, Jon, is starting a retail store a good idea in the depth of a recession? I just wonder if you should wait for the economy to turn the corner before you engage in your dream? Perhaps set up the club first and then if that takes off, open a shop off the back of it? Hate to urinate on the embers but I would prefer to see a mate take this sort of thing on when the chance of success is that much greater!

  2. Cheers Rob.

    I hear what you say and thanks for the friendly urine of advice but I've taken the recession into consideration and I know that my target audience are primarily people with disposable incomes. The way things are at the moment, of curse, people don't have the income to dispose of.

    Thing is, I can use my redundancy payout as the capital I need for the shop. This is all way off in April, mind, so the economy might have improved somewhat by then (he said rolling his eyes). It's all early days yet and I've got to chat to certain guys to get an idea of what I might be able to do.