Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A bit-of-fun campaign - BRING BACK VENGER!

So he was diddled by teenage kids every other episode! That doesn't stop Venger being one of the class act bad guys of the 1980s - not only does he need respect, he needs to be resurrected as a proper full-on bad guy. You know, like Darth Vader used to be before it turned out he turned evil because he was a whiny teenager that nobody liked.

Back in the 1980s I wasn't only playing Dungeons and Dragons I was watching the cartoon, in which a bunch of kids get sucked through a portal at a fair ride and end up in a fantasy world where they are helped by Dungeon Master. Yeah... Well, the kids sucked, but Venger made his mark as a kick-ass bad guy.

The Facebook page linked on the right has been set up to promote the best cartoon bad guy EVER! That's right! He was even better than Megatron! And that prat in Battle of the Planets who built those crappy giant robots! Let's get Venger back out there! D&D modules! Adventures! T-shirts! Movie deals! I want frickin Venger Dancers doing high kicks with one horn sticking out of their Vegas headresses!

If we do this right there's money in this - girls, fame, deoderant ads and some such crap. REMEMBER VENGER!


  1. And then it turned out that Venger was actually a good guy ... he just needed a hug.


  2. Indeed - no wonder they never made that last episode!!