Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Videos I've been perusing

I spend a bit of time on Youtube scanning the vids as there's always a gem or two hidden in the trash. The stuff I like the most is the home-made stuff that oozes creativity and imagination, and every now and then I'll stumble across official stuff that's not being crowed about too loud because the movie industry is crowing about their multi-million budget blockbuster much, much louder.

So, draw the curtains and butter your popcorn - it's movie time.

First of all, some Mitchell and Webb goodness.

THis Judge Dredd fan film, I think, looks amazing.

Now for some more 2000AD goodness - ABC Warriors and an amazing Slaine trailer.

Now there's this grown-up, gritty version of the D&D cartoon which is all levels of awesome bonkers.

Finally, there's this. Because I love it. This is part one, so click on the video for the next few parts. It's what happens to the player characters in a D&D game, and I love it.

Ah, Youtube. Constantly a source of inspiration. And shit.

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  1. I sodding forgot my headphones today, else I'd be watching these during lunch. Arsebiscuits.