Thursday, 24 February 2011

So why am I using D&D 3.0?

My friend JB asked me, quite politely, why it is I'm choosing 3.0:

From: ************
Subject: D&D 3.0
To: "Jonathan Hicks"
Date: Wednesday, 23 February, 2011, 22:59


Stop being stupid and going on about that crappy out of date system .....



If there's any mention of 3.0 Thursday night I'll introduce you to the greatness of my PRPG Core Rulebook ......via the back of ya head.



To which I responded:

Okay - here's the reason why I got the 3.0 stuff -

Twenty quid for all three books, and it's pretty much the same game as 3.5/PF. Pathfinder would set me back the better part of 35/40 quid with the bestiary being another 25/30 quid, and the 3.5 core books are roughly 40 quid PER BOOK! A lot of the Pathfinder is overpriced and I can't afford that and the updated 3.5 is holding it's price because it's compatible with Pathfinder, and anyway I'm enjoying the nostalgia of old D&D - I missed out on all that because AD&D 2nd ruined it for me.

There's that, and all the 3.0 supplememts are less then a tenner each - I got three books yesterday for a fiver! What I need right now is cheap and simple and that's what I'm getting from 3.0. It's the same game as 3.5 with a couple of tweaks, and I'm modifying the system to make it simpler, anyway, so any version I get will end up being streamlined and simplified so I may as well do that with the cheap 3.0.

So there you go - I'm old school, baby! I could duff you up with my three hardbacks and three detailed supplements and do more damage - for 25 quid!

Best Regards


*Dusts off hands* I rest my case, m'lud.

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