Sunday, 29 January 2012

My mission to make the internet explode

I've been perusing the amusing TV Tropes website and I came across this, a long list of the causes of Internet Backdraft for Tabletop Games. For those who don't know, Internet Backdraft is best explained by TV Tropes intro to the topic:

'Poor, innocent, hapless newbie wanders into a forum and wonders aloud if that guy in that show should be with that girl in that show. The forum erupts into flames, igniting all the boards that deal with the show, which ignites whole sections of the Internet into a blazing Inferno.'

So, with this in mind and an evil grin, I've read down the long list of the causes of Internet Backdraft in the tabletop gaming world and I've picked out some of my favourites:

- 'Whether or not Katanas Are Just Better, on the Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons forum. Even suggesting that a katana should have different D&D stats from a longsword or bastard sword will get you flamed. Katana threads were actually officially banned for a while.'

- 'Try this fun little experiment. Head over to Warhammer forum and start a discussion about which is Warhammer Fantasy Rules Set is better: 7th or 8th edition. Enjoy.'

- 'Try mentioning anything remotely positive about any White Wolf game on a Pen&Paper roleplaying board that favors WotC. If you REALLY want to get a bonfire started, use one or more of the following words: "Deep," "Conflicted," or "Morality System."'

- 'Go to and mention ANY Palladium RPG, see how it works out for you.'

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