Saturday, 14 January 2012

Weeping over my glass of wine

Why, oh why did I sell all my Basic D&D boxsets?

I miss you.


  1. That is a bitter pill to swallow. I sold mine at one point and then bought them back. I then in a move threw the boxes away and ended up buying copies with the boxes again. I have learned through games, magic cards, CDs and DVDs be careful what you sell and only do so if you absolutely have to!

  2. My active involvement with D&D ended in around 1995, and I sold all my gear (so I thought) to gaming friends at uni.
    Over Christmas, I found a lonesome Basic Rules Set 1 at my parents house (the red one) and my 8 yo expressed an interest this weekend. He has just read the PHB cover to cover, and now wants to 'start playing'. Unlike me at the same age, he has been playing Minecraft, Lego games on the Wii, and a plethora or popular culture movies and shows that have inculcated the basic premises of the game. He even understands 'encumbrance'! I would dearly like to find some other kids with whom he can play. And I'd love to be DM. If only I had the time!
    Matt in Qld