Sunday, 11 November 2012

Basic D&D Meat Grinder Update

In our ongoing Basic Dungeons and Dragons game we've lost a cleric and a magic-user in two games, one through violence and the other through accident. Now, we've not replaced the cleric yet (I think the player was more of a Pathfinder fan where your chances of survival are somewhat increased, so we've not seen him again). but the magic-user dude has rolled up a new character and, as agreed, we're sticking with the rolls we get.

His new thief is pretty good, with some high rolls for his stats. Unfortunately, he rolled a one on his hit point dice.

That's right. A one. There were some comments regarding letting him re-roll and the like, but he stuck by the rules and the agreement we had all made before creating the characters and starting the game; he didn't change any of his ability score rolls and stuck with his single hit point. To balance this out, he got himself a bow so that he wouldn't have to get involved in heavy combat, and we've hired a retainer to look after him and our gear, which is costing us a pretty gold piece.

This should be interesting.


  1. Good to luck to you all. Mainly him though...

  2. 1 HP is hardly different from 2, now is it? After all, most attacks will still drop you. And of course, anyone at level 1 can be dropped by a good solid hit from a regular 1 HD monster who gets lucky, so ...

    Really not a problem ;)

    Now if he rolls another 1 for level 2 I would start to worry!