Monday, 12 November 2012

D&D and other RPG Characters, Old and New

Well, blow me, I've found a list in my very old gaming bag that details D&D characters, and others from other games besides, I used to play and what happened to them. How incredibly strange, mainly because two of the names on there I don't really recognise. They ring a bell but I can remember playing them.

Anyway, here they are - Name, year played, game and class, level reached, how they met their end:

Jamm Donut, 1984, D&D Thief, second level, retired.
Scoom, 1985, D&D Fighter, first level, killed by giant spider.
Garee Smiv, 1985, D&D Fighter, first level, killed by coffin trap.
Horatio something or other, can't read it, looks like 'Graves', 1985, D&D Elf, second level, retired.
Mask Horatio (yeah, that was original), 1986, D&D Fighter, second level, killed by goblins.
King Krong (what?!?),1986, D&D Cleric, fourth level, killed by the DM (I wonder what that means? I can't remember).
Smog, 1986, D&D Elf, third level, killed by Dragon (that's a pretty good way to go).
Scaroon Degrall, 1987, D&D Fighter, second level, killed by giant spider (what are the odds!?!).
Master Skarill, 1989, AD&D Fighter, second level, retired (but only because I dropped out of the game because it was pretty bad).

And now for the rest of my characters:

Goah Galletti, 1987, Star Wars D6 smuggler, lasted until 1994 when he blew himself up flying a transport into an Imperial warship to save the party.
Tere Swordsong, 1988, MERP Scout, level 8, retired (Possibly my favourite character ever).
Matthew Haskenn, 1989, MechWarrior House Davion Special Forces, retired (Is now fighting pirates in the outer reaches of the sphere).
Zeke Greyfellow, 1990, Shadowrun Street Samurai, killed by a Dragon (What, again?!? I appear to have no luck with giant spiders or Dragons).
Kaile Mirrener, 1993, Star Wars D6 mercenary, lasted two months and got shot in a corridor (There's an angry face drawn after that, obviously I was pretty miffed about that for some reason).
Mornard Winter, 1996, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Half-Dark Elf soldier, killed charging enemy units outside Altdorf (He was a good character, it was a shame to lose him).

Mornard was my last proper character as I spent all my time GMing, but since 2009  I've had a D&D 4th Edition Tiefling Cleric, two Pathfinder Human Rangers, and right now I'm playing a Basic D&D Dwarf called Burgen.

I remember some of the escapades of some of the characters. I remember Jamm Donut's first kill, and my first ever victory in an RPG - a skeleton. I remember Smog throwing himself at the dragon, one part bravery and one part the fact that I was bored with the character. Goah Galletti being an obnoxious moron and I played him for the better part of seven years. Tere Swordsong leadingan army to battle, and retiring as an innkeepeer with an Elven wife and two children. Matthew Haskenn throwing a grenade into an ammo dump by mistake. Zeke Greyfellow being chased on his Yamaha Rapier through a park. Mornard Winter tackling a vampire out of a tower window into the sunlight.

But I've forgotten more than I remember. And looking at the names I can't even recall creating, that seems like a damn shame.

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