Friday, 9 November 2012

The Kings of War Roleplaying Game

My new writing project is now up and running - I've designed a roleplaying game version of the Mantic Games' 'Kings of War' wargame rules and the primary document is ready for public playtesting. Thanks to support and encouragement from Mantic 
Games it will be made publicly available via the Mantic Games fanzine 'Ironwatch' issue 4 out December 1st.

It includes playtest details, additional rules for skills, single combat and experience, and a full mini adventure 'The Ghost King's Barrow'. The idea is to playtest the rules in the public domain, generate feedback to myself so that I can make informed decisions about additions, removals and changes, and then produce a full roleplaying supplement for the already fantastic Kings of War main rules.

The Kings of War rules can be downloaded for free from their website; the roleplaying game itself is based more on the full hardback book release, but the RPG can be used quite comfortably with the free download.

So make a note in your diary - December 1st 2012 in the Ironwatch fanzine.

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