Thursday, 26 November 2009

Fun fun fun

When I’m designing a new game that could possibly blossom into a campaign I try to do things in stages. I once wrote the list of things to do down but that got lost a long time ago. It’s been literally years since I last sat down to create a new adventure, and not only that but I’m creating a new adventure for a whole new system that I’ve only played a couple of times. Creating this game should be fun!

I do remember that first of all I have to consider how many people will be playing this game. At the moment I’m working on a possible three players, but the number may fluctuate depending on who can make it and whether my wife (hi, baby!) will be joining in. It’s her first proper RPG (she did a lot of message forum and MORPG) so I’ll have to take that into consideration. With it being a new game for most of us at least we’ll all be in the same rules learning curve. That means creating situations that won’t rely too much on rolling dice, as I don’t want to spend the sessions page-flipping.

Following that, I’ve got to consider what kind of game these guys like to play. I know that one of the potential players has a wargaming background and will most likely look at situations tactically so I’ll throw in some combat. One of the players is casual about rules and will most likely prefer some character interaction, so I’ll include some NPC interaction. The other player likes the design and feel of a challenging game, so puzzles, exploration and combat are in order. The new blood (hi, baby!) will be experiencing a lot of this for the first time so the elements of the game I include for the other players should be more than enough.

So, the game I’m going to create is pretty eclectic – there’ll be something for everyone be it combat, puzzle solving or roleplaying, which is not only good for the game overall but will introduce the new blood (hi, baby!) to every aspect of the game.

Fun fun fun.

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