Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Just to get a couple of things off my chest...

STARGATE: UNIVERSE - For God's sake, have something happen, will you? I don't care about half the characters you want me to care about and the ones I do care about are doing shit-all. I was looking forward to having a darker, grittier Stargate series but in order to get my blood pumping, stuff actually HAS TO HAPPEN. That is, something has to happen in an episode. I'm honestly not interested in the relationships between people right now, that will come later as the story develops and I get to know the characters. Stop forcing character dynamics on me! Other than that, good job.

STARGATE: ATLANTIS (SEASON 4) - No more Weir! Hooray! But, Jesus Christ, someone give Rodney McKay his own show. I'd fund that myself. I'd call it 'STARGATE: McKAY IS BY FAR THE BEST CHARACTER IN THE FRANCHISE, BAR NONE - THAT INCLUDES YOU, O'NIELL, YOU LOSER!'

MERLIN - Fucking bleh.

LIFE ON MARS (US) - Really very good, actually. I still prefer the British one (of course) but I love what they've done with it.

SOTU D6 - Well, I've made a start, which is fine, but I keep changing my mind about what I want to keep from the original Star Wars rules and what I want to throw out. I need to keep it streamlined if I want to get it all into 54 pages, including setting.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT - Not played it in three weeks, don't miss it. At all.

GTA IV - And, finally, a quick apology to the guys I was playing with on multiplayer free roam last night (I'm the user 'Jonnynonny'). I did have fun creating havoc in the city and working as a team to escape from the cops and SWAT teams and we lasted for a while. But, and I have to stress that this isn't personal, when I'm left behind to face a cop onslaught whilst the other players piss off in the only available chopper even though there is room for me then I'm going to be forced to shoot a rocket up your abandoning bitch arses. So bollocks.

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