Friday, 27 November 2009

I needed a fix - Star Trek Extravaganza!

You know, I think the Star Trek franchise is like the druggies in Pulp Fiction.

It starts out good - you watch the Original Series and you get high on it. It's trippy and new and you can't get enough. You slow things down for a bit with movies and you get a hit every two/three years but you demand more. After a break you get high again on the Next Generation but you demand even more so you get Deep Space Nine. You're getting two hits at the same time! Then Voyager takes over and you're body starts to get corrupted because it turns out this batch to hit the streets is bad shit, man.

Finally, you take a direct shot of Enterprise in a major vein and it's too much. You're resistant to it now and you only take the hit because of what it's called, not what it is. You don't know what crap you're sticking in your body and then that's it - you've OD'd. You can't take it anymore. You're body is failing. It's old, worn out, almost useless. It started out fun but you've put so much of the recent shit into your system you're in and out of conciousness and you're puking Starfleet Regulations.

Then along comes the new Star Trek movie and BAM! Next thing you know the whole thing is taking an adrenaline shot straight into Uma Thurman's chest. The corrupt dying body is saved!

I really liked it.

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Whilst we're on the subject I need to share with you a work of genius.
No budget? No costumes? No props? No special effects? Who gives a shit! We just wanna make a Star Trek movie, damn you!

This is quite simply a work of utter brilliance and I love it. Check out the other parts, it only gets better.
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Me and my mate Mark Newbold of created this Star Trek website to document a roleplaying game I was going to do, waaay back in 2000 - it's still around! I wish we'd done more with it.
Warning - annoying Trek sound effects abound...

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