Monday, 23 November 2009

Uh-Oh... D20 system looms closer and closer...

Since I can't get a straight answer about the Open D6 I'm dropping my SOTU project. I don't want to spend stupid hours typing up the rules only to find that an SRD has been released or the whole Open D6 thing has gone down the shitter. Someone at WEG needs to tell everyone what's going on because the longer the silence the more likely people are going to dump the D6 System and opt for something they can use...

Aaaaand that brings me to the D20 System. With some slight modifications (and, more importantly, simplifications) I can use a cut-down version of the system for my game and still get the whole rules/setting package into 54 pages. I have access to SRDs, the licence is out there and everyone knows what they are doing and all I have to do is copy/paste and edit. I'm not talking about the SOTU setting, I'm talking about something totally new and fantasy-based.

I've done my preliminary research and it looks like D20 is the way to go, modified to cut out the fat and streamline it, more in line with the OD&D stuff that's out there but lose the THACO (blegh) and include a skill list. That way I'm appealing to a large percentage of gamers.

WEG have pretty much lost their window of opportunity for Open D6. With no official word from the guy in charge there's no clarification, and without that I'm not using it.

Simple as that.

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  1. Even if the whole project goes down the shitter, the D6 rules stay licensed under the OGL. I don't think there's a way to revoke the license. If you check out the WEG fan forums ( you'll find links to all D6 rulebooks with the OGL attached. There's also a fan-created SRD for the fantady rules:
    The only problem I see so far is that OpenD6 and the D6 System are still trademarks by WEG and as long as Eric Gibson does not release a OpenD6 trademark license you cannot refer to OpenD6, D6 System or WEG in any way. But I think the fan community will keep the system itself alive, even if the official OpenD6 project dies.
    Perhaps you should reconsider dropping your SOTU project after all.

    Just my two cents.