Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Basic D&D Character Generator

I'm working on a 'Game of Thrones'-inspired Basic D&D campaign and something I've always liked for all my long campaigns is plenty of random NPCs to hand to make sure that I'm covered for extra bodies in case certain important characters bite the dust sooner than planned. My problem with that is that I find it a bit tedious to roll all those dice and fill out all those sheets.

To that end I always search out random character generators, and I've found one for Basic D&D that fits the bill. Not only can you create random characters of every kind of character, you can print it out on a PDF with the character sheet graphics so that it looks all nice and neat.


It's designed for Labyrinth Lord but it works perfectly well for Basic D&D. I'm going to get quite a few NPCs out of this.

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