Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Farsight Blogger Facebook Page

Hi all - 

This is an open invitation for you to invite your gaming friends to 'like' the Farsight Blogger Facebook page page. As well as using this as a place to advertise new posts on the blog, it's also being opened up for anyone who 'likes' the page to be able to promote themselves, add news, reviews or anything else they please to help support the roleplaying hobby. 

Report something cool you saw on the net, link to your favourite gaming sites, promote your new game or your company, support local gaming shops or groups - everything and anything tabletop gaming related is welcome. 

So, ask your friends to join, lets build up the members and use this as a place to advertise and report. The tabletop roleplaying hobby can be as big as gamers want to make it.

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