Thursday, 8 May 2014

Book review - The Art of Elmore

Please welcome to Farsight Blogger guest blogger Richard Williams, a fellow gamer, weird stuff enthusiast, writer and a really good friend of mine. Richard has a passion for art books and for a few weeks he'll be sharing his thoughts on some of his favourites.

I bought The Art of Elmore because I'm a big fan of fantasy art and I wanted to collect some of the older pieces that really defined the genre for a long time.

Elmore was instrumental in designing the look of things like Dungeons & Dragons and Dragonlance (among many others) and his seminal work is a must for any serious collector.

Beautiful women, peerless heroes and evil villains and monsters abound and I can't recommend it highly enough. Please though, make allowances that this was all before the marvel that is CG art and what you get here is all hand drawn/painted images. Great stuff.

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