Thursday, 15 May 2014

Book review - Visions of Never: The Collection of Fantastic Art

Please welcome to Farsight Blogger guest blogger Richard Williams, a fellow gamer, weird stuff enthusiast, writer and a really good friend of mine. Richard has a passion for art books and for a few weeks he'll be sharing his thoughts on some of his favourites.

Visions of Never is a nice book, well put together with the artwork well presented. There's also more in-depth interviews with the artists than you normally get although this shouldn't be too surprising since this is a showcase of six selected artists (Marc Fishman, Richard Bober, Paul Lehr, Don Ivan Punchatz, Robh Ruppel and Mark Zug).

Not all of the artists' styles are to my taste but that's a matter for each individual reader to determine, obviously, so I shan't bother to comment on the artists specifically. All I will say is that the large majority of this art is of incredible quality and represents a fantastic offering from the worlds of science-fiction and fantasy art.

The interviews, though short, are also very good at getting to the heart of what drives and inspires the artists, as well as their feelings on the industry and other artists.

All in all, well worth adding to a sci-fi and fantasy artbook collection.

VISIONS OF NEVER presents the uncollected works of six of the fantastic art genre's finest craftsmen. VISIONS' award-winning artists represent a wide range of styles and approaches, from the surrealistic personal works of Paul Lehr to the ornate, multi-layered masterpieces of Richard Bober, and cover a broad cross-section of the field, from gaming art to book-cover illustrations to large-scale gallery works.

Artists featured in this volume:


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