Monday, 7 September 2009


I don't usually go for machinima movies as I find the majority of them a little dull and somewhat tedious to watch - except for Red Vs. Blue which continually makes me piss myself... in a good way - but I came across this little gem on Youtube whilst looking for EVE Online gameplay movies.

The clever bugger who made this has animated his characters using Half-Life 2 and combined his footage with EVE Online stuff. With a good story and dialogue the movie is incredibly entertaining and fun to watch. There's a second episode up as well, so make sure you check that out because the quality only gets better.


  1. Great find! Thanks for the spot, sir. Makes me want to play Eve, though. Which would be bad.

  2. It is good, isn't it? The story only gets better in episode 2.

    I'm tempted to give EVE a try but after reading up on it I'm not so sure. I like playing WoW because there's so much to do, but EVE sounds a little limited. The background story and setting are excellent, though, so that's a bonus. I'll give the free trial a blast sometime in the near future.

  3. You know, it makes me want to write a machima now. I've seen through to the end of the second series now and it's just really good. The script it tip top.

    I've been tempted by eve (being a Sci Fi man) but I think it would suck too much of my time away. I'd rather be creating than consuming. Eve sounds like the sort of game that you don't really engage with the game system but instead with the corporations and things that players create. The story emerges from that, rather than there being set quests. If you're told to hunt and kill Mr. X it's because that player has been a pain in the arse and people want rid of him. It's not some generic quest that you do.

    If you do go into Eve, my mates reckon that a clan is the way forward.

    And before you ask, no, I'm not a WoW player. Nothing to do with snobbery - it looks really cool - I am fearful of the amount of time it might take away! :)