Thursday, 3 September 2009


It's all over the net by now and fans of the series are already quoting the episode in their daytime real-life environments and giggling quietly to themselves, but I thought I'd post here for those of you who didn't know, or (God forbid) don't know about The Guild.

This is the Season 3 opening episode - and it SUCKS! Yeah, that's right! It's a massive pile of steaming poop! What the hell, man? What the hell happened? The Guild, I believed in you! You were my life! I watched you and laughed and cared for your characters, and you do this to me? Screw you! Screw you and the video webfeed you streamed in on, you bastards!! And Wil Wheaton? You suck! You suck like a big sucky thing! Yeah! YEAH!

And by sucks, I obviously mean it's a work of genius and I'm just upset at the fact that I've got to wait for the next installment. Great stuff.

PS: The above rant about it sucking and that Wil Wheaton sucks and the comment about sucky things is obviously an attempt to garner attention and hopefully have people say stuff like 'Oh - he actually liked it - this guy's funny, in a he-doesn't-actually-mean-what-he-says kind of way'. This has been done in the hope that this gets me noticed. You can even quote me on the 'it sucks!' parts if you want, and that'll no doubt drive more people to my blog to leave abusive messages in my comments. I don't give a shit - I just want the attention.


  1. No - you suck!

    With your sci-fi and your geek stuff and your reviews! You make me sick! And I bet Wil could kick your butt, even in his kilt. So there.

    And - thanks for making me wish I was published by the British Science Fiction Association!

    In fact, I'm going to delete this comment so that you don't get the attention you so cravenly lust after.

  2. Wil Wheaton could kick my butt? Well I met him once (in a dream I had*) and he paid me cash to leave him alone!

    And hopefully you won't delete your comment or people will wonder what it is I'm replying to, and they'll just think I made it up to get even more attention. Which is a good thing, now that I think about it.

    *Dream reference for personal comedy purposes only - I have never, nor do I intend to, dreamed about Wil Wheaton in any shape or form.

  3. Ah well, the joke is on you because I didn't delete it, and not only that - I tweeted a link here.

    That should learn you.

  4. You fool! Don't you realise what you've done?!? Also, thank you.