Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I've joined a nice Guild of World of Warcraft gamers and I'm having a nice time. They're helpful, funny and seem genuinely nice. I seeemed to have found a WoW Guild that I enjoy being in.

And now I'm considering packing in Warcraft.

I play it too much. I always sit down to do some work and always think 'I'll have a quick blast on WoW...' Three hours later I'm cursing the clock and wondering where all the time went. How am I ever going to write my novel, design my games and be the creative genius I hope I am if I'm spending my time playing MMORPGs? So, I'm thinking of cancelling my subscription. No break, no 'time out'; a clean slate, with characters deleted and everything.

Or I could try something else. I hear Warhammer Online is good...