Friday, 28 August 2009


I love this stuff - from the pages of 2000AD, the mutant Johnny Alpha and his norm Viking partner Wulf stalking the galaxy, outcast bounty hunters living in a universe that hate their kind. The mutants were created after atomic wars and the radiation, Strontium 90, mutated generations of humans into mutants that the norms could barely accept - in fact, they even tried to wipe them out. Now they are the bounty hunters of an ever-expanding galaxy, doing the dirty work the norms hate. They are the Search/Destroy agents. The Strontium Dogs.


I used to use the old Games Workshop Judge Dredd RPG to run games set in this universe (there was a section on random Cursed Earth mutations in the companion that was perfect for generic SD Agents) and with a bit of tweaking to bring the system in line with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay I got dozens of games out of it.

But this whole premise has much more going for it: Movies and TV shows! It's perfect! It's a high-concept future, with aliens, far-flung worlds and mental powers. It has time travel, spaceships and Old West-style townships on the new frontier, and it has mutants of all shapes and sizes. Best of all it has Johnny Alpha - the mutant with the eyes! And his norm partner Wulf with the big happystick. He's a real Viking, you know. It's a long story.

How could you go wrong with a setup like that? You've got your production design sorted - the genius that is Carlos Ezquerra created a beautiful and unique look to the future - and there's a perfect mix of angst, melodrama and all-balls-out action to be had.

Oh, come on, producer people. It's a frickin' gold mine.

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