Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I'm not sure why it is, but I just can't seem to generate any excitement for James Cameron's new movie AVATAR.

I know that Cameron is a great filmmaker - I've not seen a single film of his that I haven't enjoyed... well, I'm not hot on Titanic but it's a good film - but I just can't build up any personal buzz for this film. It looks great, the visuals are gorgeous and no doubt he'll tell a great story. Why is it, then, that I'm not feeling it? Maybe I'd have felt differently if I'd been in a theatre watching the preview and actually felt the electricity in the air. Right now I'm not that bothered if I see it or not, and will probably just pick it up on DVD and lament the fact that I missed it on the big screen.

Maybe if every other blurb about the movie wasn't accompanied by the words 'ground-breaking', 'movie-defining' or even 'vision' I'd be a bit more interested. In my experience, a potential blockbuster that uses those phrases usually turns out to be crap and I still suffer from bouts of EpisodeOne-itis.

And those exo-battlesuit-thingies looked cool. The battlesuits in Matrix Revolutions were cool, too. So where the hell is my Battletech movie?