Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I'm not sure why it is, but I just can't seem to generate any excitement for James Cameron's new movie AVATAR.

I know that Cameron is a great filmmaker - I've not seen a single film of his that I haven't enjoyed... well, I'm not hot on Titanic but it's a good film - but I just can't build up any personal buzz for this film. It looks great, the visuals are gorgeous and no doubt he'll tell a great story. Why is it, then, that I'm not feeling it? Maybe I'd have felt differently if I'd been in a theatre watching the preview and actually felt the electricity in the air. Right now I'm not that bothered if I see it or not, and will probably just pick it up on DVD and lament the fact that I missed it on the big screen.

Maybe if every other blurb about the movie wasn't accompanied by the words 'ground-breaking', 'movie-defining' or even 'vision' I'd be a bit more interested. In my experience, a potential blockbuster that uses those phrases usually turns out to be crap and I still suffer from bouts of EpisodeOne-itis.

And those exo-battlesuit-thingies looked cool. The battlesuits in Matrix Revolutions were cool, too. So where the hell is my Battletech movie?


  1. I've travelled in the opposite direction. I wasn't at all interested in Avatar, thinking just another 'epic' hollywood blockbuster.

    Since seeing the trailer (which I've watched multiple times now), I find myself getting more and more excited. And the simple reason is that the film is going to be in 3D.

    I know 3D films are nothing new, but I've never actually seen one before and it's been a long time since going to the cinema has been an 'event' for me. Probably The Return of the King was the last time.

    Perhaps that will help you generate some excitement. Get some friends find out where your nearest IMAX is and go and watch the film as it is intended to be seen!

    Just a thought anyway :).

  2. You're probably right - once the film is out and the love for it is gushing then I'll probably get a lot less lethargic about the whole thing, and there's an IMAX not far from me which will no doubt be showing. Right now, though, they could release the film tomorrow and it'd pass me by.

    Fellowship of the Ring was my last 'event' film and I was sure it was going to be rubbish. 'Peter Jackson? Who the hell is he?' Here's hoping Avatar surprises me in the same way. I guess I just don't like it when films are publicised in a way that they expect you to be in awe of it. Show me the damn thing first and then I'll tell you how great it is! :-)