Thursday, 27 August 2009


There's two things that might go through my mind when I watch a TV show and they are:

1 - 'I could do better than this'
2 - 'If I had the money, I'd make my own TV show'

It's inevitable. When I'm daydreaming or thinking about possible projects one of the things I think about is 'what kind of show would I make if I had the finances to do it?' If I could land a big fat inheritance or win millions on the lottery what production company will deny me the chance to create and fund a whole pilot out of my own pocket? What kind of mad-cap sci-fi/fantasy show could I come up with? Something with sharp dialogue and a teenage slant for FOX? Something intelligent for the BBC? Something gritty and dirty for HBO?

And then reality kicks the door down and boots me in the nuts. I know naff-all about the TV/movie industry so all I'd be good for - if I had it - is the cash.

I can write scripts, though! Hooray!

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