Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Dead Space RPG

Dead Space... I love that game. It scared the living poop out of me.

WARNING - The above video may make you poop yourself

So what I really want to do is run sci-fi RPG of a similar vein, something with a simple system to keep the action fluid and the tempo up. I was thinking D6 System but that always reminds me of bright and fluffy Star Wars, but I always loved the feel of 2300AD (although I no longer own it) and that suits the gritty atmosphere better. I wonder if there's ever been a game produced designed specifically for the sci-fi horror genre?

I might SKETCH it up, create a Dead Space-inspired unofficial game using info from the Wikipedia entry. although I suppose I could use the ECHOES: We Are Alone game for that. I don't know - my head just works in weird ways and I have no idea what I want to do from one minute to the next. I must concentrate on my Dragon Warriors game, dammit!

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