Thursday, 20 August 2009

Ready... Aim... GAME!

I've pretty much got my Dragon Warriors game ready. I'm leaving it open to the players what kind of character they want to play but I'm starting the game towards the end of a Crusade in the Principalities. The first game or two will be them fighting in the Holy Land - mainly to get used to the mechanics and introduce the PCs - and then I'll move the action on to them returning to Ellesland where the adventure proper can begin. I might introduce a couple of NPCs that'll resurface later on if they work out well with the players but we'll see how that pans out.

Now, I've got two players pretty much confirmed in the game but I'd like at least two more. I know of two guys who might be up for it but I have one major problem to overcome before I agree to a larger group - a place to play the game! My flat just isn't big enough to cater for four people, espcecially as my wife and son are there too, and I'm a bit loathe to pay for room rental at a local centre. I already grudgingly pay for WoW subscription, I don't want to pay for my tabletop RPG, as well!

I'll get the players set up first and worry about location later. At the moment, though, it's all looking good.

For inspiration and visualisation I just bought the extended edition of Kingdom of Heaven, which is 45 minutes longer and apparantly a much better movie for it. I didn't mind the original release but there was room for improvement, and for £2.98 from Amazon for a 4-disc DVD boxset I'm laughing.

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