Friday, 14 August 2009

It's all kicking off at FFG!

The official press release last Wednesday on the Fantasy Flight Games website regarding the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game has recieved some seriously negative responses. You'll have to read the full press release to get an idea of what the game is about but here's a quick quote regarding the game itself:

'The massive Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition box, which will retail for $99.95, contains everything a group of adventurers will need to play – four different rule-books, 36 custom dice, over 300 cards, counters, “character keeper” boxes, and much more.'

Anyway, the comments on the press release page range from 'Woohoo!' to 'OohNoo!'

Personally? Well, I've got my WFRP 1st edition stuff and I still love it. I bought a couple of books of WFRP 2nd edition and, whilst it was good, it just didn't have the feel of the 1st. It wasn't a bad game, in fact it was probably much more user friendly and manageable than 1st, but I was just so versed and involved with 1st edition that I ended up selling my 2nd edition books on.

But this new 3rd edition? My first thoughts were 'is there any need for another edition?' And when I saw that the game had gone the way of a glorified boardgame I realised that it appeared that FFG were following in WotC's footsteps - they had 'redesigned' the game to attract the console/MMORPG crowd. That's just not my thing, and a box full of 'special cards and dice' that, by the looks of things, is not compatible with previous editions is something of a turn off. At least I could use some of the 2nd edition material in my 1st edition games.

I'm sure it's a great game and it will have it's fans - and good luck to them - but the game just doesn't feel like the kind of thing I'll be playing. Still - Rogue Trader will be out soon, so I still love you FFG!


  1. It's kicking off, Pru!

    Sixty quid for a fat boxed set doesn't sound too bad and FF games are very high quality.

  2. lordy..warhammer is diiiirty!

  3. @Rob: For what you get in the box and the apparent quality of the product I'm sure it'll be worth it, but it sounds so far removed from what I know as WFRP I feel a little alienated from it. Maybe it's the newfangled game for the next generation of gamers, the bunch of whippersnappers!

    @Pookey: Begone, witch, and take your WoW preferances with you!