Saturday, 8 August 2009

... and another new system

A while ago I found about four or five rules systems I wrote as notes and I tidied them up a bit. A couple were very similar in execution (using D6s) and a couple were D20 based. The one called 'FLAG' (Fictional Lands Adventure Game) I put on for everyone to have a look at but the simpler version I've adapted and integrated into the rules I originally wrote for my long dead (because it was rubbish) SPIRIT system, the one I originally used for 'The League Of Seven' campaign setting, which now uses the SKETCH system.

So, what I've done is take the original text of the SPIRIT game and replaced the D6 with the D20, and cut out whole swathes of complicated and downright unneccesary spot rules. It's a very easy system - roll 1D20 for skill test, roll less than your skill level to succeed. I've also got rules for vehicles and starships, which are straight from the original SPIRIT game and needed very little work. With an adventure it should weigh in at about 55 pages as a playtest document so once it's finished I'll give it away to the RPG community on my website to see if it's worth continuing with.

My original SPIRIT game - the original League of Seven game - was a bit of a lame duck, unfinished and untested. I put it out but, obviously, there were no takers. I'm sure I can do something with the system but right now I'm leaving it in sus-an and sending off to the outer rim. Maybe someone will find it in a few hundred years and put it to good use.

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