Tuesday, 18 August 2009

So, how's the new Guild working out for you?

Really well, thank you for asking.

I'd become a little disillusioned with World of Warcraft recently and even had a go at playing a Horde character, but I couldn't get into playing a Tauren and missed my mid-level Dwarf hunter Burgen. My wife joined a Guild called Azeroth Raiders and they invited me, too, and they're a lovely bunch of helpful, funny people.

The word on the WoW streets is that Alliance players are aroggant and rude and Horde players, being the outsiders, tend to stick together and get on. Well, a couple of weeks ago I might have agreed - a lot of the Alliance players I was encountering were absolute tossers - but now I'm not so sure. Since joining the Raiders I've found a new sense of purpose and I'm experiencing camaraderie. I'm actually starting to enjoy WoW again and last night's Jeremy Kyle conversation had me and my wife laughing out loud at our computers.

Their tabard clashes with my Ebonhold armour, mind you, but I'll let that go.

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