Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Science Fiction and Fantasy – how many ways do I love thee?

There’s 6 ways, actually.

1. I can make use of the imagination I’ve been blessed with. I like to rot my brain watching senseless television and braindead movies every now and then, but when my mind is stimulated by ideas and creations it gives me a thrill.

2. It allows me an immediate escape if I’m stressed or bored.

3. In the case of science fiction it makes me wonder what could be, and that makes for some pretty freakin’ awesome daydreams.

4. If it’s done right, fantasy reminds me of when I was a kid being entertained by fairy stories and that’s a good thing. I think a lot of fantasy these days either tries to emulate the grand megaplot-ness of Tolkien or they try to be alternative and edgy, or ‘dark’. Whatever happened to wistful journeys into the lands of fey?

5. It’s better than the shit I have to put up with day after day. Constant crap with work getting on my nerves and stress from the recession and lack of sales and all that rubbish, and then turning on the television and watching news reports about death and destruction and terrorists and murder and poverty and all the shit that blares out from that little cathode-ray tube chapel that sits like a glass and plastic box of doom and misery, puking out stories about how the whole world is shit and that we’re all going to die in excruciating pain, alone and in the dark, with nothing but the wailing pain of 7 billion other souls screaming into the night looking for relief from their anguish.

6. Robots.

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