Thursday, 22 October 2009

Clubbed to death

Excellent tune, but not the subject of this post.

Me and some friends are working on a RPG/Wargame club for our local town. We're calling it 'Lichfield's ORC' (Lichfield's Only Roleplaying Club - clever, eh?) and we're starting small and hoping to grow. It should be relatively easy - we've an accounts book, some membership cards (thanks to Vista Print) and a location to game in. We've pretty much got a beginning date sorted, and we intend for it to be held every Thursday night from 7:00pm until 10:00pm.

Of course, all we need now is members, so if you or anyone you know wants to join a gamer's club and you're from the Lichfield, Midlands UK area then send us an email at lorclub (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll let you know when we've got our dates sorted.

And in other news...

Why is it that every time I try to sit down and write some fantasy stories that I might consider for publication I can't help but worry that the story or the style has been done somewhere before by someone else? Is it that the fantasy genre has been saturated by similar material, or is it because the genre itself is limited by it's own tropes? And why should I be worried if that's the case?

Bleh, Thursdays.

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