Friday, 23 October 2009

Defying Gravity

I'm a sucker for anything that comes out that is even remotely science fiction. Recently I've sat down and started to watch a new series called 'Defying Gravity', about the crew of a starship going on a historical 6-year journey around the solar system.

I remember watching the BBC's docudrama 'Space Odyssey' a few years ago and really enjoying it, and this show seems to be going along a similar path but with much more drama and characteriation. The science is there, with Defying Gravity's starship 'Antares' built very much like the vessel in Space Odyssey and, for that matter, Danny Boyle's movie 'Sunshine', so they all follow a pattern based on scientific plausability, which is a bonus in my book. The story arc, which is very mysterious and somewhat intriguing, has me hooked and apart from some cliches and a couple of stereotypes the characters are all very interesting. Of course, with being burned by Lost and Heroes, I'm hoping the plot reveal is handled in a much better way.

It's currently showing on BBC2 in the UK so it's well worth a look. I like my hard science fiction as well as my kick-ass action adventure stuff so this is right up my street.

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