Tuesday, 20 October 2009

So - an update of my SciFi/Fantasy tastes

It's been a while since I last blogged about... well... anything, so I just wanted to make a short list of the things that I'm watching/reading/playing/hating on.

1. LEGEND OF THE SEEKER - Boy, did I get sick of this quickly. The only decent character in it now is Zed, and that's only because he's played by Bruce Spence. The show should be about him and not the trite 'forbidden love' couple the show is supposed to be centred around. Oooh, what single person shall we save and put the whole world at risk this week? No idea, but no doubt the Seeker will be very vocal about why he is right and the others will look down ashamedly... even though he's WRONG! It looks great, the costumes and settings are wonderful, to be honest, but I just find the writing and the acting so formulaic and weak that I've given up on it.

2. STARGATE: UNIVERSE - The first two parts of the three-part opening 'Air' were very good and, let's be honest, Robert C commands the screen. I found part three to be very weak, to be honest, and it seemed to drag a little. It looks great (I've always been in love with Stargate's special effects) but it needs some more character work for it to grab me. You ca definitely feel the Battlestar Galactica influence, but I like that so I'll give it a few more episodes. From what I've seen so far it's looking good. I hope it's not one of those 'slow reveal' shows like Lost and Heroes because I'm sick to death of that premise....

3. FLASHFORWARD - ... and speaking of that I've watched the first two episodes of this, saw sme previews and given up on it already. Sorry, I got sick of Lost's ability to perplex and then finally annoy and Heroes disappeared up it's own arse when it becamse obvious that the writers/producers didn't know themselves what the hell was going on. This show smacks of the same stuff and I get the impresion it'll run out of steam in the near future. I hope I'm wrong and if so I'll come back to it in the future.

4. WAREHOUSE 13 - Good fun. It's artefact/monster of the week stuff but it's good, and I like the relationship between the two agents. It pokes fun at itself and that's always a good thing in my book and the stories are genuinely interesting.

5. A TOWN CAlLED EUREKA - Just stop, okay? Stop introducing story arcs and then concluding them in one episode once you get bored of them. I used to like this show, but now it's very 'which one of Carter's friends/relatives/associates is on the death bed this week, and will his amazing skill at deducing an answer to the problem when people with a combined IQ of the world can't and save them at the last minute?' Sorry - getting a little boring now.

6. STARGATE: ATLANTIS - I missed this first time around and I'm really enjoying it now. McKay is by far the best character in the show and he's a delight to watch. There's the usual formulaic Stargate adventure nonsense but they put little twists in there which keep it feeling fresh, and the Wraith are a pretty good and chilling enemy. I've just started the second season and so far it's been fun.

7. WORLD OF WARCRAFT - Levelling between 70 and 80 is a frickin' nightmare. I hate it. I just want it to be over. Please. Please help me.

8. DRAGON WARRIORS RPG - I'm ready to run a game now. I even bought a 3 quid packet of 60 plastic toy medieval soldiers as figures. I'm ready to start tabletopping again. I'm ready to GM again.

9. PS3 ONLINE - For God's sake, someone get me off GTA IV multiplayer before I have an aneurism. And before I buy Killzone 2 and lose what little life I have.

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  1. Levelling in Northrend is actually pretty fast if you stick to level-appropriate zones, know what you're doing and don't get distracted by PVP and world-events. PUGging instances is definitely worth doing: good XP and good gear. Email me... or look at the usual websites for advice.