Friday, 30 October 2009


I thought about what game to run using the D6 system for a club I'm helping to set up and figured Stargate would be a good idea worth looking into. I looked into the official game, which was not so good, and did some searching and amazingly there was a D6 game written in the late 1990's for WEG by John Tynes, but it never got past the first draft status. The guy has made the 86-page document available for free download, so I've snapped it up!

If I use the standard Star Wars character sheet this is easily adaptable, and I've got all the details about the gate system, the aliens, the worlds and the tech! Brilliant! What excellent news!

My idea is the creation of Stargate Tactical Assault Groups - a STAG party. These groups are a selection of special forces soldiers and they are sent through to combat areas to carry out specialist missions and 'black' ops on other worlds. I had designed a team years ago for a Stargate game that never took off and the team was commanded by a British SAS officer and comprised of a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret, a French Foreign Legionnaire, a Royal marine Commando and a Spetznaz. They were test groups to see how well they could work together and represent the international community.

Man... I'm so digging that out.

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