Thursday, 29 October 2009

'The Horrors' SKETCH RPG

Well, it's finally finished. 'The Horrors' is a SKETCH game for the horror genre, be it monsters and creatures or Eldritch horrors from ages past.

It's completely free so get your sweet arse over there and download it now. Once you've read it, make sure you come back here and leave messages on how rubbish it is.
For this is your day
You’ve stumbled from lightness
And into dismay
The world as you knew it
Is darker than night
And things in the shadows
Once hid from your sight
Walk hither and thither
And laugh at the bold
Who do not believe
In Devils of old

So, Rejoice, dear wanderer
You now have your fight
So take up your sword
And war for the Light

Brother Martin of Lichfield, Knight of the 4th Crusade

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