Wednesday, 21 October 2009

War! UH! What is it good for?

I quit World of warcraft last night.

It wasn't that I wanted to quit, it's because I needed to. I took me a while to see that the game, whilst fun and absorbing, was taking too much of my time. I tried the cutting down of hours thing but instead of one long session it turned into lots of short ones as I was 'just nipping on to see what is happening'.

Account and subscription cancelled, game uninstalled. It's not a bad game - dammit, it's fun - but now it's time to pack the dwarf hunter away and get my creative mind working again. My writing and creativity took a massive nosedive these last few weeks and almost got to the point where I had no energy or inclination to create again. Now that the time-sucking World of Warcraft is no longer part of the equation I'm hoping that will all change, and I'm looking forward to getting back into my tabletop RPGs.

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