Friday, 1 December 2017

A free adventure for 'To The Stars, Stellar Cadets!'

A while ago I released a free roleplaying game called 'To The Stars, Stellar Cadets!', based on the pulp science fiction adventure serials from the 1930s through to the 1950s. I found some free images on the internet and decided to have a go at designing a game that incorporated those images.

The core game is available from dropbox here.

It was pretty good fun, I thought, so I've adapted an old adventure of mine to be used with the game. 'Danger on Bakk-Alpha-Four' is an all-action adventure across a war-torn city. It's a bit of a railroad adventure - I originally wrote it back in 1997, so I like to think my design skills have improved somewhat since then.

'The players are instructed to take a rocketship to the Bakk solar system, land on the primary planet of Bakk-Alpha-Four and pick up supplies for the struggling Beta 1-8-6 Stellarstation. Falling foul of the war and chased by the local military forces, can they make it across the war-torn city of Calappa to freedom?'

I've also included some extra rules in the adventure to help recreate the pulp action genre, giving players the chance to not only stand a better chance of surviving but also giving them the option to take more chances at feats of derring-do! It should last a couple of sessions and you may get some use out of it in your own science fiction campaign.

Download the adventure here

And tune in next time for another thrilling adventure


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