Friday, 1 December 2017

More Warhammer FRP news from Cubicle 7

Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement we have further news about the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game, out next next year.

I don't usually post news items, but this is my favourite roleplaying game ever and not only are Cubicle 7 teasing us with some gorgeous covers, they've also got Graeme Davis on board for a 'Director's Cut' of 'The Enemy Within' campaign.


Next to a certain horror roleplaying game mega campaign involving a mask, 'The Enemy Within' was my favourite RPG campaign, especially 'Empire in Flames' which was simply epic. Now, I'm not hot on reprints or restatted campaigns from ages past - they've already had their limelight, after all - and I'd love to see more original material coming out of the Cubicle 7 offices. However, calling it a 'Director's Cut' certainly hints at something extra to an already amazing campaign, so colour me interested/excited/curious about that sliver of information.

They've also got a cool interview with Tabletop Gaming magazine - you can see more details on their Facebook page here.

On to the announcement!

Yesterday we talked about the planned release for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition in mid-2018, and gave you the first look at the covers of the initial products. Today we’ve got some news about some old favourites.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition 

We’ve been working on bringing more of WFRP First Edition to PDF. We all love First Edition, and there’s just so much brilliant material that we want to make available in electronic format. The “colour plates” version of the WFRP 1st Edition core rulebook will go on sale this week!

Just like we did for the Hogshead Edition offered as part of the Humble Bundle, we’ve made a very crisp, clean, fully bookmarked PDF. It’s been a joy to revisit the game where our core team began their adventuring careers!

Fourth Edition design lead Dominic McDowall said, “WFRP First Edition was my first ever roleplaying game. Everyone working on the new edition has a deep well of affection for First Edition, and it’s great to be bringing it back!

“But we’re not stopping there. We’re creating some beautiful PDFs of the original WFRP super-campaign: the Enemy Within. Keep an eye on our newsletter, website and social media for more news!”

The Enemy Within – Director’s Cut 

This brings us neatly round to yet another exciting piece of news. To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Enemy Within Campaign we’re going to be releasing an updated deluxe, “Directors Cut” edition of The Enemy Within Campaign for Fourth Edition!

The mighty Graeme Davis has joined the team to steer this ship (or should that be river barge?). The Enemy Within was one of the best-loved RPG campaigns ever made, and we want to give the shiny new anniversary edition it deserves!

We’ll have lots of news over the coming weeks and months, so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter and keep an eye on our website and social media!

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