Tuesday, 12 June 2018


After having a lot of fun helping with the Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Edition 'Stellar Adventures' rulebook and writing two adventures for the original fantasy game - therefore fulfilling two childhood fantasies I had, writing and drawing for Fighting Fantasy - I've decided to bring my Farsight Games label out of retirement to publish my own work on DrivethruRPG.

Since hitting the tabletop gaming hobby in 1983 and falling in love with pen & paper RPGs in 1984, I’ve always wanted to communicate my own ideas and adventures to the rest of the gaming community. I set up Farsight Games to do just that.

At Farsight Games we like to keep things simple and fun and try to reflect that in our work. The majority of our products will be uncomplicated PDFs of a low page count and cost; keeping these down means that you can print at your leisure or read from a device with ease, without having to spend lots of extra money on PODs or professional printers.

We'll keep things basic; this means we can produce material that’s perfectly suited to a gamer’s needs, make it available quickly and cleanly and always have something new in the pipeline.

Welcome to Farsight Games - we’re looking forward to gaming with you!

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