Monday, 22 March 2010

Chicks dig guys with skills, man

What I've done is I've taken 36 skills from the skill list from WHFRP2e (they have them listed at and modified them a bit. Now the players of my Dragon Warriors game can choose one of these skills every time they advance a Rank in addition to the skills they already get from their profession.

I just figured I'd cobble together a skill system to see how it panned out. Basically, you roll against the relevant Statistic associated with the skill. I'm also dropping the 2D10 skill roll and going 1D20 for everything in an attempt to streamline things for my players. At the moment the skills and the 1D20 roll has gone down quite well. It's all subject to change, of course, depending on how it handles over long-term play.

If anyone wants a .doc copy of the modified skill list then drop me a line and your email address.

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