Friday, 5 March 2010

Other Fantasy RPG Settings

Considering that most fantasy is set in a Dark Age/Medieval era, what other historical settings would work well with a fantasy slant? Every culture has their mythos so you could play about with them all.

The most interesting thing in an Egyptian setting, of course, is axe-wielding men with dog heads. In loincloths. What else do you need? I always thought the dynasties were interesting - you could have plenty of fun with political intrigue and scheming.

But what do I know about Egyptian history? Well, I've always found this book helpful:

It covers archeaology from all over the world and has some amazing illustrations, maps and floorplans to help you along. it also gives a brief overview of the culture which I've found more than enough to help me through historical games.

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  1. I've always thought that something based on Hindu mythology might make for a good setting, although it is very much alive, unlike the Greek or Egyptian mythologies, so there's always a sense of uneasiness there for me.