Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Rogue Trader Imagery makes me drool

Just one of many reasons I'd like to run a Rogue Trader game. This is a great image below:

Oh, man... if only my Dragon Warriors game wasn't going so well... How many of you have ever started to run a game, really enjoyed it but then got distracted by something else that got you excited? How many campaigns have suffered because the GM started wetting their pants over something they really wanted to run?

I need to keep my focus on Dragon Warriors. If I become disenfranchised with it now and play it to 'get it out of the way' for another game that excites me then the campaign that I and my players have put so much work and time into will deteriorate. Everyone will lose out.


  1. This probably won't help, but my current Rogue Trader campaign is the most successful long-term game I've run since I was a teenager and I did a completely improvised Dungeoneer campaign. We're loving it, and I haven't even thought about running anything else, whereas my normal behaviour is to be distracted by the latest shiny thing.

  2. You're right - IT DOESN'T HELP!!!!!! :)