Monday, 29 March 2010

Wormhole EXTREME!

Did I tell you that my son Bruce has joined Stargate Command? It's true. He met his new SG team last Saturday.

It was a long time coming but he got his Cheyenne Mountain and Offworld travel pass, and he goes to planet P65565xc next Tuesday. I drew the line at allowing him a P90, though.
If my son wants to follow in his mommy and daddy's footsteps and get geeky then that's fine by me and I'll nerd him out as he wants. I'm not going to push him and parade him around in costumes. If he goes the whole hog and gets into RPGs then that'll be the icing on the cake.
If he doesn't grow up to be a geek... well, that's unnacceptable. He will bow down to the Nerd God!


  1. At 5 months, I have no idea whether my son Felix is going to be a geek. Both his parents are, so the odds are good.

  2. erm...we WILL parade him around in costumes...whats wrong with you? you promised!!!!

  3. Sorry, Hobbit wife of mine - I'll allow you the Stargate uniform. Although that kid in the Stormtrooper costume was cool (though the dad did seem a bit pushy).

  4. Wait. Is this a LARP, or what? Whatever it is, it's AWESOME. DOUBLY SO because of the SGC stuff.

  5. No, not LARP, just fans in costumes at a Memorabilia Fair. Me and the good wife love us some Stargate and this was perfect. There were a couple of dudes in Jaffa costumes around somewhere but we couldn't find them - bummer.