Saturday, 12 June 2010

Elric of Melnibone Movie

Apologies to those of you who saw the header and thought I had news about an impending Elric motion picture. That's not what this is about at all.

Elric of Melnibone would be a very difficult story to tell as a film, but it'd work well as a mini series. Perhaps a series like 'Rome' or 'Band of Brothers' from HBO. Ten, 1 hour-long episodes of the worlds favourite sword-wielding albino.

I have two conditions, however. The production design must be done by the artist who painted this beauty:

And the character of Elric must be played by Luke Goss, with similar makeup to the getup he had on in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army:

These terms are non-negotiable. Oh, and I have to work on the film, doing something dead important that'd impress people. That'd be cool.


  1. Agreed. And if Luke can't play him for some reason, then he must be replaced with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Also non-negotiable.

    And that's Michael Whelan who did the art for that book, btw. I grew up drawing that damned cover repeatedly.

    Supposedly they've been working on a movie for ages. I did get excited when the title of your post came up on google, but I'll forgive you because of your exceedingly good taste in movie casting.

  2. Luke Goss is not tall enough. Remeber Elric was well over six feet tall in the series.

  3. You can make him as tall as you want in the days of digital effects. I do think he would be perfect in the role. This may make you sick, but Depp with is sense of humor removed might work. As for the art -- yes Whelan is the best when it comes of Elric art. A younger Ralph Finnes, or Jeremy Irons could have worked as well. Hmm, who else could you cast...

  4. The talk of a movie came from a studio licensing the "option" a few years ago, but they haven't yet moved on it. The good news is that I think that option is going to end soon so either they will move on it, or it will be open for others to do so.

    I definitely like the idea of making it an HBO mini-series. Game of Thrones is the best series I have seen anywhere since Rome and actually beats Rome in my opinion.

    On this note, I would like to nominate Harry Lloyd (Viserys Targaryen) as a potential Elric. He is tall and lenthy. I think he would now fit my view of Elric from before he obtained Stormbringer. If he hits the gym for a few months, I think he could fit the role well. I am not suggesting that his character in GoT is anything like Elric. Just that he fits my impression physically.